essential oils as a business

dōTERRA is a company that has been breaking records since their beginning in 2008! They made it to a Billion$ in sales in just six years and their consultant retention rate of 65% is unheard of in the network marketing industry. While a majority of people join dōTERRA to receive quality essential oils at a discounted rate, others join for the business opportunity. dōTERRA has created a unique compensation plan that truly encourages teamwork. That means for you to reach your financial goals, you work together.

According to dōTERRA’s 2014 Earnings Disclosure Summary, Wellness Advocates that take on the business on a part-time basis earn up to $10,000 a year. Listed below is the average annual earnings for those that commit more time and reach the Leadership Ranks:
average earnings

Here are a few terms you will need to know

  • WA = Wellness Advocate
  • LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program
  • PV = Point Value (Normally 1PV equals $1)

These are the six ways you will make money with dōTERRA:

1. Retail Profit: Paid Monthly
You will make 25% commission from all sales purchased through your website.
You can also earn a profit from selling any product you purchase.

2. Loyalty Rewards Program: Paid Monthly In Points
This is dōTERRA’s cash back system.
You will receive points for any LRP order you place that can be used to purchase dōTERRA products.
LRP automatically starts at 10% and can increase all the way up to 30%.
You receive all shipping cost back in points from LRP orders
Example: If you place an LRP order for 100pv, you will get 10 points + about 9 points for shipping.
There is a Fast Track Program for anyone who would like to start at a higher percentage
To qualify for the increase, you need a monthly LRP order of 50pv or more


*To earn any compensation or bonus, you will need to have a minimum LRP order of 100pv

3. Fast Start Bonus: Paid Weekly
This is one of the unique ways dōTERRA has set up their compensation plan.
You will automatically earn 20% commission from any Wellness Advocate you sponsor during their first 60 days.
This 20% will be based off of the PV from anything they order, including their enrollment kit.
In addition, the Fast Start bonus is paid to 3 levels (See chart below)
The fantastic part of this bonus is that you can receive checks weekly as soon as you enroll others in an account.

doterra pay 1-4

4. Power of 3 Bonus: Paid Monthly
This is a monthly bonus you will start earning when you have sponsored 3 Wellness Advocates.
You and the 3 people you enrolled will need to have an LRP order of 100pv or more.
Your total team volume will need to be 600pv.
To make things easier, I teach my team to place a LRP order for 150pv. That way you and 3 teammates purchase the same amount which equals 600pv.
Level 1=$50 monthly bonus
Level 2=$250 monthly bonus
Level 3=$1,500 monthly bonus

5. Unilevel Commission: Paid Monthly
Unilevel commission is what you will earn from orders placed from anyone on your team.
You are paid this commission up to 7 levels down.
The difference in this plan is that the percentage goes up the lower the level goes. That is completely opposite from any other compensation plan out there.
This is what creates AMAZING teamwork and eliminates the selfish mentality that is plagued by other multilevel marketing companies.
There is no need to add more than 3 or 4 Wellness Advocates to your front line, which means you should place any additional Wellness Advocates somewhere in your team.
I am always helping new team members eager to build a business!
This is by far the most unique aspect of dōTERRA’s compensation plan

6. Leadership Bonus Pool: Paid Monthly
The leadership Bonus Pool is a bonus paid to Wellness Advocates of a certain rank. dōTERRA will take 2% of the profit made each month and divide it between all IPCs who reach Silver, Gold or Platinum. For Wellness Advocates that reach Diamond rank, they will split an additional 1% of the overall company profit.
This is dōTERRA’s way of continuing to reward Wellness Advocates on their dedication and success.

Now that you know how to make money with dōTERRA, here is a quick breakdown of your options to join:

Wholesale Member Account (WA)
You can enroll in a membership for $35, just like a BJ’s or Costco membership (annual renewal fee of $25 which comes with a FREE Peppermint Oil).
You get wholesale pricing: 25% off all dōTERRA products
Receive a personalized website with No Monthly Upkeep Fee
Can participate in the LRP program
Access to exclusive product promotions
Free online tools and training
Opportunity to earn bonuses and residual income!

OR you may purchase an enrollment KIT. This waives the $35 membership fee and also provides an even deeper discount on the products you receive in the kit.

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