favorite green drink

Green drinks are everywhere but I just can’t stomach most of the ones found in the store. Have you looked at the amount of sugar in a grocery store green drink? Manufacturers make the drinks palatable by adding mostly fruit. Fruit is great, in small doses, but it’s full of sugar. Drinks that don’t have much … More favorite green drink

music in yoga class

Removing the external distraction to promote internal awareness. But does it always work? I teach mostly restorative yoga classes and I love this style for its soothing, stress-reducing, and comforting benefits. When I first began teaching I never used music in my classes.  I wanted students to have a chance for their senses to rest in addition … More music in yoga class

the road never traveled

I am a dreamer, always have been.  I can recall sitting in my bedroom as a child dreaming about fantastical adventures, the allure of adulthood, how everyone in big cities was having lives that were so much more interesting than mine. My long-standing career goal was to be Indiana Jones, traveling to far-off, untouched, distant lands, making incredible discoveries, … More the road never traveled


I’ve got a bad habit. I’m in the habit of telling myself I don’t do enough. This is very American, I think, but maybe not, maybe it’s global.  Day after day I go to bed and think to myself, what did I accomplish? Often I think I’ve come up short, that something major should have shifted … More #whatdidyoudotoday?