comparison is the thief of joy

“Everyone has different limits.”

What a simple statement, right? But it is powerful. That is what a yoga teacher friend said to me one night at dinner, while I was lamenting (ok complaining…a lot) about how it seemed other people could do so many things at once – hold a full-time job, teach 5 yoga classes a week, bust out a handstand, and raise children.

It’s dangerous when we get into the comparing-ourselves-with-others game. I know that. And the more you compare yourself to others, often the worse you feel, and then the more you compare. But Penny’s words “Everybody has different limits” really resonated with me.

Some people can hold a full-time job, teach multiple classes, and take care of a family. They have the capacity to do so, and it doesn’t make them better or worse than me in any way. Some days I can do more, such as cook dinner, potty train a child, help with homework, sequence a yoga class, clean out my inbox, and return phone calls. But I can’t do those things all day long, every day. Recognizing my limits, and recognizing that I have limits, shows me that what I do is enough. It’s enough for me.



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