I’ve got a bad habit. I’m in the habit of telling myself I don’t do enough. This is very American, I think, but maybe not, maybe it’s global.  Day after day I go to bed and think to myself, what did I accomplish? Often I think I’ve come up short, that something major should have shifted and the world should be a better place because of my actions. As I was pouring a glass of water today, I ran through a mental list of what I had done so far (it’s 3:30 p.m.). Then I decided I had had enough of telling myself I don’t do enough.

Here’s what I did today (remember it’s 3:30 so there’s plenty of time for more!):

  1. stripped a wet bed (4-year-old’s accident)
  2. washed two loads of laundry
  3. emptied and ran the dishwasher TWICE
  4. took my kids to church to drop off donations for VBS
  5. took the kids to the library and got a stack of books
  6. took the kids to get bubblegum
  7. got myself a cup of chamomile tea at my favorite local coffee shop
  8. hand washed and put away a stack of bowls not dishwaser safe
  9. checked all four of my email accounts
  10. made a healthy lunch for the four of us and ate it together at the table
  11. cleaned up the lunch
  12. updated my Wellness Facebook page
  13. created a Canva ad for my Wellness Facebook page
  14. wrote a newsletter and emailed it out
  15. scheduled an online webinar
  16. contacted three people about essential oils
  17. spent an hour on a work conference call
  18. helped my kids create “I’m Bored” craft door hangar with clothespins
  19. watched two short webinars
  20. completed a module in my EdX HarvardX online anatomy course
  21. took a shower (sometimes that’s a big deal when you have 3 kids and you work from home)
  22. wrote this post

I don’t write this to brag (yes, I have a good life, and many would love to being getting chamomile tea at the local coffee shop at 11 a.m) OR to welcome judgement (see first set of parentheses) OR ESPECIALLY to start a contest on who did more. I write this to remind myself that I do a lot, and much of this, if not all, is accomplishment (okay, not the tea). So I invite you to share what you did today in the comments. Just get it out there. It’s not a contest. Put it out there so you can see it in writing, so YOU will realize it’s a lot. And if your list isn’t long who cares? Enjoy your less-crazy day. There aren’t enough of those.

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