finding effort & ease

Effort & Ease comes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2:46 sthira sukham asanam, which means to practice the physical postures of Yoga (asanas) with effort and stability combined with grace and ease. When one can achieve a posture with these opposing qualities both body and mind feel centered and light. But effort &  ease apply to so much more than physical postures. THEY APPLY TO LIFE.

Life is full of duality.


                                                    GOOD – EVIL


                                                 EFFORT – EASE

We cannot have one of these without the other. How would you know you were happy if you never experienced sadness? Yoga is not about achieving happiness, (who could be happy all the time?) but rather being able to weather with grace and peace all of the moments that make up your life, not just the positive ones.

If you have a life full of constant effort, there is little rest and, often, poor health. If you have a life full of ease, there is no motivation to make things happen. By making small changes, a little at a time, such as adding a simple Yoga practice, a few modifications for natural wellness, focusing on the breath, and enjoying more whole foods, you can slowly create wellness within you and your family.

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